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Situated in a natural region of France north of Lyon, spanning the Rhône and Saône rivers, Beaujolais is a wine region where renovated farms are abundant. Because of the golden stones on the different buildings, a warm and cocooning atmosphere emanates from the houses. The available properties that we propose are sometimes the heritage of ancestral culture.

Azergues valley

Living in the province of the Azergues valley means being in the Beaujolais to enjoy its picturesque villages, typical or listed villages, local and living heritage or even bourgeois life while having easy access to Lyon without its inconveniences. The famous golden stone houses are to be found here, as well as contemporary buildings and beautiful renovated châteaux.
It is also a place with a friendly and warm population. One can therefore take full advantage of the parks, monuments and shops in each village.

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Golden Stones

In the south of the Beaujolais, near Lyon, the golden stones region is an emblematic place of the region. With its medieval villages, its historically coloured stone and its small towns of character, this region will be perfect for your future property, whether it is a primary or secondary residence!

You wish to buy a property in this region of the Beaujolais? We propose you houses of character in golden stone, from the contemporary to the castles or flats of standing.

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Saone Valley

The Saône Valley, a region very popular with the people of Lyon for its proximity to the city and for its quality of life between the hills and the Saône. Located in the north-west of Lyon, this area offers a breathtaking view. A protected natural area, the valley is characterised by its high biodiversity.

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A region on the banks of the Saône, a small village in the countryside, a vast expanse of plain, these are just a few of the reasons to buy a property in the Ain. Close to Lyon, Mâcon or Geneva, this flourishing region with great opportunities offers a variety of properties that will delight you.

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Beaujolais Village

There is nothing more pleasant than living in the Beaujolais village region, in the middle of the vineyards. This province in the north of the Rhône department includes towns such as Beaujeu, Vaux-en-Beaujolais and Saint-Julien. Known particularly for its wine and vineyard landscapes, Beaujolais Village is full of magnificent properties, from châteaux to renovated farmhouses and manors.

Let yourself be tempted by the calm and soothing Beaujolais region, our team is here for you.

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The Juliénas appellation is said to have originated with Julius Caesar, who occupied these lands in 100 BC. The region is perceived as welcoming, charming, lively and very popular with wine lovers. Indeed, you will have plenty of time to taste the famous Juliénas wines. The commune is extremely well served due to its proximity to the main communication routes.

An idyllic location just 20 minutes from Mâcon, where you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet place not far from the comfort of the town and its amenities.

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South Burgundy

Living to the rhythm of the seasons and nature, this is what the South Burgundy region offers you. Located near the central city of Mâcon, South Burgundy is only 1 hour 40 minutes by train from Paris and 1 hour 30 minutes from Geneva airport. This region is very attractive for second homes. The bucolic, calm and relaxing environment is what gives the South Burgundy region its charm, in addition to its attractive property prices.
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